A Guide to Wedding Dress Trains

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brush-train wedding dress

There’s nothing like having a train attached to your wedding dress for that additional romantic flair to your overall look on, what almost certainly is and will be, the most romantic day of your life. Wedding dresses come in a number of cuts and designs, so too do these trains. To help you out – if you should come to a decision to add that extra oomph to wedding look – here’s a guide to the different choices of trains of wedding dresses that are available out there.

Brush – Extending approximately one and a half feet from the waist to the end of the dress and adding just a little extra volume to the back of your dress, the brush train is most likely the simplest and shortest train style which makes it perfect for those keen on the idea of having a train that’s neither too formal nor elaborate.

court train wedding dress

Court – The court train doesn’t differ much from the brush train in terms of design but with it measuring almost twice as long, the court will absolutely add a more grandeur feel to almost any wedding dress.

chapel wedding dress train

Chapel – Measuring up to four and a half feet in length from the waist to the end of the dress, the chapel train is the more dramatic sister of the brush and court so if you’re set on making a statement on your big day, then the chapel train is the way to go for you.

Cathedral – If the chapel train is, however, not long enough then the cathedral train, which can extend out from the waist to a length of up to seven feet, is a choice that will have you bringing things up a notch or two.

Royal – The final addition to the family, that includes the above four, is the royal or monarch train. The most show stopping of the five, this train measures approximately 12 feet (or longer!) and will fit in perfectly with a wedding that’s just as regal.

There are, certainly, other styles of wedding dress trains besides the family of five that’s been listed above and the two most popular ones include:

watteau train wedding dress

The Watteau Train – It bears a strong resemblance to a superhero’s cape except for the fact that it’s softer and has a more ethereal feel to it. The train sits at the shoulder and cascades gently down before ending right where your dress ends.

The Panel Train – On the other hand, this train comprises simply of a panel of fabric attached to the back of the waist or hip portion of the wedding dress and can be as short as the brush or as long as the royal train. As most panel trains are detachable, they’re great for brides who can’t quite decide on the inclusion of a train.

With wedding dress trains being a great way to make a grand entrance on your big day in addition to there being such a wide range for you to select from, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from jumping on this wagon or train, rather!

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