Finding 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

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1940s vintage wedding dress style

There are some places that can be a good reference to find 1940s vintage wedding dresses. The first good place to look for a vintage wedding dress is in a grandmother’s bureau. Older female relatives may have saved their wedding dress, particularly if it was a more glamorous design. You can also check consignment shops, vintage and antique clothing stores, and online auctions. Here are some retailers offering vintage wedding dresses online.

• Sherry’s Antiques and Collectibles
• Vintageous
• Vintage Vixen Clothing Company
• Davenport & Co.
• A Vintage Wedding

It usually happens that choosing authentic 1940s vintage wedding dresses poses a number of problems. Some may not have had proper wedding dress preservation techniques used on them, making them too delicate to wear. Yellowing, fading and stains are also ordinary problems with dresses from decades past. Sizing information is frequently different from today’s generous cuts, so get accurate measurements or try on the gown if possible. It is also important to make sure to examine any dress thoroughly before purchasing. Sewing a wedding gown applying a wedding dress pattern is another way to get a vintage 1940s style wedding dress. Using new materials, pick out a pattern that will compliment a 1940s themed wedding and make the dress personally or employ someone else to make it. Find more information on 1940s vintage wedding dresses.