Knowing 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

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vintage wedding dresses

For the women or brides who desire to have a unique look to their bridal attire might wish for considering 1940s vintage wedding dresses. Both classic, practical wedding dresses and elegant wedding dresses from that era can be obtained at resale, consignment, and vintage shops.

vintage style wedding dresses

We can say that women’s fashions of the 1940s for wedding dresses can be divided in two parts namely during the war and after the war. Wartime rations called for simple designs and borrowed bridal dresses, while the New Look ushered in a stylish and feminine approach to style, particularly with the boom in weddings after the troops returned home.

1940s vintage wedding dress

It is a fact that the fashions for weddings during the first half of the 1940s were limited by war rationing. Both food and clothing were rationed across the UK and U.S. Therefore, there are many brides in the early 1940s of modest means who ended up wearing practical wedding dresses. Utility clothing in Great Britain was typical civilian wear; consequently women frequently borrowed bridal dresses from others or wore their best dress. They would “mend or make do” with whatever was obtainable. Suit styles were well-liked both in the U.S. and overseas.

1940s vintage wedding dresses

In spite of the hardships, a number of World War II brides were wealthy enough to obtain a wedding dress that was more elegant. Other brides may have borrowed or bought a used wedding dress for their wedding day, changing and mending them in order to make them work. These wedding dresses may have had the following design elements like Gibson or mutton sleeves, long sleeves with a point at the end, particularly combined with a high v-neck collar, netting at the neckline, emphasis on waist, frequently with a “v” shape, slight “sweetheart” shaping high on the neckline, near the collarbone, made of rayon, though from time to time silk and white, ivory, off-white, or beige color. Find more information on 1940s vintage wedding dresses.