25 Gorgeous Flowers For Summer Weddings

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Summer is a great season for wedding since one of the best things about summer is the abundance of beautiful flowers in season. If you have a planning for a summer wedding, you will have a wonderful array of bright and happy blossoms from which to select. You can indulge yourself in the most colorful flowers for summer weddings.

Dahlia Summer Wedding Flower

What could look more cheerful than a daisy? A vibrantly colored gerbera daisy! These happy flowers come in virtually every color a bride could ever desire for her wedding, making them a wonderful option for an informal summer celebration. You can combine fuchsia and orange gerberas for a spicy summer look, pale pink and lime for a preppy ceremony, or yellow, hot pink, and orange for a casual backyard wedding.

Daisy Wedding Flowers

Gerbera daisies typically look best as round bouquets, but for other decorations they can be shown in all sorts of creative ways. You can hang strings of daisies behind an outdoor ceremony altar, and then place single stems in test tubes down the middle of a table for a modern centerpiece, or you can also plant them in boxes of wheat grass for a whimsical design.

Zinnias Summer Wedding Flower

Zinnias are a wedding flower whose stock is on the rise. They are not as extensively used as traditional blossoms like roses or peonies, but maybe they should be. Zinnias have a lot going for them: they are reasonably priced, full, and come in lots of vivid hues.

They are in general regarded as an informal flower and would be fantastic for a country wedding. Pop mixed colors of zinnias into vintage tea tins, white hobnail pitchers, or Mason jars for a great look. Feel free to mix and match unforeseen shades of zinnias like bright purple and crimson. You might just like the combination so much that you have custom bridesmaid jewelry made to organize.

Another great colorful wedding flower is the dahlia. If you really desire to create a splash, you can opt for dinner plate dahlias. True to their name, a single blossom is as large as a plate! It won’t take many of those stunners to generate a remarkable summer wedding centerpiece or bouquet.

Dahlias can be found in a gorgeous array of vivid hues like yellow, red, pink, purple, and orange. Some of the most spectacular dahlias are variegated blossoms with more than one color per flower. Picture enormous flowers in orange and yellow, pink and white, or red and white and you get the idea.

A single dinner plate dahlia tied with a satin ribbon would be a very chic bouquet for a bridesmaid. It would look awe-inspiring with a polished cotton strapless bridesmaid dress and custom bridesmaid jewelry in a coordinating shade.

Craspedia Wedding Flowers

A very hot trend in bright summer wedding flowers recently is the use of craspedia. Also called billy balls, billy buttons, and woolyheads, these fun little spherical flowers are a member of the daisy family. Perfectly round and long stemmed billy balls look great in mixed bouquets of wildflowers or on their own made into pomanders or round bouquets.

They have a very hip and modern appeal which has sparked a sudden rise in popularity for these delightful little yellow or orange balls. For a very cute centerpiece idea, you can arrange bright yellow billy balls in assorted vintage jars and small vases in contrasting colors like aqua or red.

List of Summer Wedding Flowers

Anemones Summer Wedding Flower
Asters Summer Wedding Flower
Button Chrysanthemums Summer Wedding Flower
Button Chrysanthemums
Calla Lilies Summer Wedding Flower
Calla Lilies
Cattail Summer Wedding Flower
Chrysanthemums Summer Wedding Flower
Celosia Summer Wedding Flower
Cornflower Summer Wedding Flower
Cosmos Summer Wedding Flower
Coxcomb Summer Wedding Flower
Cymbidium Orchids Summer Wedding Flower
Cymbidium Orchids
Delphinium Summer Wedding Flower
Freesia Summer Wedding Flower
Geraniums Summer Wedding Flower
Gomphrena Summer Wedding Flower
Hydrangeas Summer Wedding Flower
Iris Summer Wedding Flower
Larkspur Summer Wedding Flower
Lavender Summer Wedding Flower
Monkshood Summer Wedding Flower
Peonies Summer Wedding Flower

Colorful flowers will add a cheerful and happy flavor to your wedding. Whether you mix in a few with more classic white and pastel blossoms or go for an all out explosion of color, the bright flowers will look wonderful. The upbeat hues are just perfect for a summer wedding. Photos are from Pinterest.