Types of Wedding Gloves

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fingerless wedding gloves

It is a pair of beautiful wedding gloves that will also take an important part in your wedding day besides your gorgeous wedding gowns. Gloves functioning as a bridal accessory are able to add improvement to your look and alter even the simplest wedding gown into a dazzling masterpiece. Wedding gloves are such crucial pieces that we should opt for carefully. There are a lot of various bridal gloves to select from. Here are some basic introductions about bridal gloves for your choice. Basically, the wedding gloves can be divided in following types according to its length.

Fingerless Wedding Gloves – This bridal glove has a changeable length. It means that it can be long or short. Its features will really display your slender fingers. Usually, you will see that finger-less wedding gloves are beautified with beads, pearl or lace. This type of bridal will be very convenient for you during the ring exchange as your ring finger is already exposed.

fingerless wedding gloves

Elbow Wedding Gloves – The brides will see that these wedding gloves extend to just above the elbow. The ones are the most ordinary ones and they can have a variety of looks. This style is best fit to brides with slim arms, as it accents the upper arms. Elbow wedding gloves look best with short sleeved wedding dresses.

Above the Elbow or Opera length Wedding Gloves – As the longest and most formal style, this type of bridal glove reaches above your elbows. It completely matches sleeveless wedding gowns. Opera length wedding gloves also look best on a sleeveless wedding gown and on a bride with long and thin arms. It is a best choice for fall wedding themes as it can give little protection against the cold for the brides.

gauntlet wedding gloves

Gauntlet Wedding Gloves – This type of bridal glove extends from about the elbow to the wrist, with hands left exposed. These wedding gloves are delicate and adorable, which can make an air of jollity. It may be opportune to choose a pair of gauntlet wedding gloves because your fingers are exposed during the entire wedding.

Wrist Wedding Gloves – These bridal gloves are common and just cover your hands. Usually, they are made of lace and satin. They are simple designed but looks beautiful. These wrist length gloves will harmonize any style of wedding dress wonderfully. This style is less formal than longer lengths, and works well with long-sleeved gowns. If your arms are short or thick, a pair of wrist wedding gloves will be a suitable choice.

Gloves can be made of a variety of fabrics to give different looks, such as satin will be classic, lace will be romantic. And they are obtainable in a variety of colors, from traditional white to elegant black. Knowing the right wedding gloves you have to apply will give you the best look in your wedding day.