Wedding Invitation Cards with Lace

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vintage lace wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation cards should not look dull or even boring. These wedding invitations will be the message that will give the first taste of your wedding day to your guests. It will be a good idea for you to make your own creation for your wedding invitation.

The important thing to remember is that it is not necessary to make the invitation look too crowded with lots of accessories that take away its beauty. A good idea to make a unique and pretty wedding invitation is by using lace.

lace wedding invitations
The use of lace is not merely for wedding dresses to make them look elegant. You can make the use of lace for your wedding invitation cards. The idea is by framing the invitation which has been printed with the lace.

You can also utilize a ribbon for the accessory to make the wedding invitation look sweeter and feminine. It will really match with your wedding gown.

You can emerge the romantic side of yours and your couple’s by using the combination of colorful and soft lace for the base of the wedding invitation.

To get simpler look, you can use the lace to bind the wedding invitation envelope, and of course the color of the lace must be suitable with the invitation’s color.

wedding invitation card with lace
There are many ways to design wedding invitation cards along with the accessories like the use of lace. The combination of lace and ribbon with lines will be able to display an elegant image.

If you want to have a more vintage outlook, you can make the invitation as simple as possible by using only lace. And if you do not have enough time to make by yourself, you ask the wedding invitation vendors to give the accessory with lace for the printed invitations.