Retro Wedding Theme

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retro wedding theme

If you bold, bright and not afraid to be different, a fun retro wedding theme can be just for you. For the retro wedding dresses, it will be all about A-line skirts and halter necks. You can create a 50’s look and splash in some modern color. In the meantime, you can choose the accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember, this is the day to show your personality. If you adore red lipstick wear it. If you have curly hair, just embrace it. You can also add any detail that you love and emphasize how much fun you want the day to be. For retro wedding flowers, bold color wedding bouquets are another progressively more well-liked choice as they evoke passions and personality.

retro wedding dresses
image above –New Retro Lace Wedding Dress Long Sleeved Shoulder with Tail – image details

For retro wedding decoration, you can use lots of color in a retro wedding. Stripes, dots, sweets, anything quirky will fit right in. Sweets are becoming more and more all the rage at weddings, from pick ‘n’ mix bars to big glass jars. You could go a step further and hire an ice cream van, ideal for a summer wedding outside. Sweets in glass jars make a great centerpiece and add a quirky touch to the tables. Cupcakes and cake pops are great for retro weddings; you could have piles of muffins or cupcakes with brilliantly colored frosting or icing. If you don’t desire to break the bank this is a cheaper yet still gorgeous option. You could even visit a cupcake making class, for expert advice and a fun day out with the girls. And the last one, you cannot damage the retro theme by arriving in a modern car. A 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle is an ideal car to arrive in, make your entrance memorable.

retro wedding cake
image above – four tier multi-colored retro style wedding cake – image details