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gold engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is not an easy task as before making the purchase it is very essential to recognize the type and quality aspects of the ring’s metal. The most well-known metals these days for such rings are gold and platinum. The biggest disadvantage of platinum rings is its cost, which may occasionally be three times that of a gold engagement ring. Also, it can be difficult to work on platinum and many jewelers do not have the equipment handy, in the event that you want to get your ring re-sized. A gold engagement ring is indeed valuable and sentimental while being beautiful and stunning. Traditional gold rings were yellow in color but now more and more couples are purchasing white gold rings because these rings are elegant, simple and contemporary.

Gold diamond rings become a symbol of a person’s love, commitment and affection. They are a girl’s best friend and will last forever. Being given a gold ring signifies how truly special you are to someone. When selecting an appropriate ring for your soul mate, it is very vital to think about a few factors like the size of the ring and the gemstone you would like to have at the center of it. If you are not aware of the size of the ring, you can very well find the exact size with the help of tables provided on various online stores.

gold diamond engagement ring

Gemstones are rated based on the four important measures also known as the “four Cs” – color, cut, clarity and carat. The choice of the color is personal and the pricing too depends on the budget available. There are some gemstones that are not too clear in appearance, with a number of lines and opaqueness. In general, the clearer the gemstone, the more costly it is. Carat is the weight of the stone while the cut is how beautifully the stone is shaped. Rings with a higher carat rating are more expensive.

gold engagement ring with diamond

The white gold ring is an alloy. Other metals are added to pure gold, which is always yellow in color, to give a white coat to it. This kind of ring loses its shine so needs to be polished from time to time. Both the metals have their potential disadvantages, but both are extremely beautiful. Overall a gold ring is a great purchase in terms of pricing and quality. With such a huge variety of styles on the market, you are guaranteed to find a perfect piece for your special someone. With these facts, you would never be wrong to choose gold rings for your engagement.