Diamond and White Gold Engagement Rings

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white diamond gold ring

White gold engagement rings are the perfect answer for any woman allergic to the yellow gold. Diamonds are non-allergenic, non-partisan, non-anything except “non cheap!” If you desire a diamond engagement ring set in white gold then you will have to pay considerably extra for it. On the upside, you will perhaps end up with a unique white gold engagement ring.

Many people would like to know what white gold actually is because we are all so accustomed to seeing yellow gold, old gold or rose gold in the jewelers shops but wonder what white gold actually is. So here’s the way I understand it as when I used to take myself off and do a bit of prospecting near Pine Creek in the Northern Territory. I had to have some idea of what I was panning for apart from the relaxation of a quiet time in the Australian bush a hundred plus kilometers from my everyday life.

white gold diamond engagement ring

Gold is a metal and when it is found it comes in a variety of yellow shades. I was only ever lucky enough to find one small nugget but it really made me feel “chuffed”. When this gold is mixed with an alloy such as palladium or nickel which are both white metals, the purity of the resulting metal is given in carats. So if the combination was in 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy the resulting carats are given as 14 carat gold.

Nickel is usually the white metal added into the gold to make jewellery since it is a hard wearing alloy and proper for the wear and tear that any hard working woman’s hands have to do once she becomes a housewife and Mother. Diamonds aren’t particular about what metal they get set into but the owner of a diamond needs to be very confident when setting their diamond into a white gold engagement ring that it will be as hard wearing as the diamond itself.