Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

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yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow gold engagement rings are blessed with a simple, timeless appeal. It is not like their white gold and platinum counterparts, the sumptuous color of gold diamond engagement rings results warmth and offers off a subtle glow. This is not surprising if yellow gold becomes a fabulous metal against which to set the dazzling brilliance of a diamond. And yellow gold engagement rings are becoming more popular now.

Contrary to popular belief however, gold in jewellery is not utilized because it comes out of the ground. In its purest form gold is far too soft and malleable for day-to-day use, which makes it vulnerable to scratching and bending out of shape. To make it useable for items such as yellow gold princess cut engagement rings some metals such as copper, nickel or silver are added to form an alloy.

Nickel was originally the most well-liked metal to be used for this alloy but since a lot of people are allergic to it, a European Union Directive has been brought into restrict the amount that can be used. Some jewelers however choose to stay away from it altogether to prevent even the slightest possibility of a reaction. When it comes to gold alloy, the included metals can be added in different quantities to make different strengths and are measured in karats, with 24 karats signifying pure gold. The majority of engagement rings in the UK are created with 18 karat gold.

yellow diamond engagement ring

Gold itself is an astonishing material which is so ductile that just one gram of it can be stretched out to form a sheet of one meter squared without breaking. This makes it superb for shaping into a variety of intricate and detailed designs. It is also still relatively rare which is why it is regarded as a precious material and therefore relatively expensive. A little know fact is that the term the “acid test” actually derives from the test to distinguish real gold. Other baser metals will dissolve in nitric acid while gold remains insoluble. Luckily though yellow gold is less expensive then platinum and with Internet jewellery stores offering prices of anything up to 60 percent below those on the high street, it means that it is not necessary for you to wait for an engagement rings sale to find your very own discount engagement ring in this beautiful and highly prized metal.via