Attractive Hue of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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rose gold engagement ring with diamond

Are you a bride looking for traditional ring in a subtly romantic shade? Even though white gold and yellow gold are consistently popular, rose gold engagement ring would be the perfect choice for someone who wants to be distinct. The distinguishing factor in a rose gold engagement ring is obviously its pinkish hue. However people have concerns regarding the quality of the metals while comparing it to more traditional metal alloys.

All engagement rings and other gold pieces are alloys since pure gold is too soft to be efficiently made into jewelry. Palladium, nickel, silver and copper are typical metals blended with pure gold to add strength and durability. The proportions of these metals bring the exact shade of gold, while gold have a greater amount of copper in the metal alloy. Since the natural color of copper is a rich burnished red, a pink tinge is obtained once it is diluted with the gold and silver alloy. The pick is affected by the carat value of the gold. A higher carat value like 18k gold will be lighter than 10k alloys because there is more yellow gold in the mix. In that case, the copper tinting would be considerably diminished.

unique rose gold engagement ring

You can find a large variety of engagement ring designs set in gold despite its comparative rarity. What makes the alloy particularly popular is its stunning beauty which is a delicate contrast to traditional metals. In filigree engagement rings, the subtle pink hue of gold creates a charming and romantic accent for delicate designs. Rose gold is woven into stunning knots and patterns as it contrasts well with other metals to create a multi tone ring with unusual hues in Celtic engagement rings. It is the blending of different metals that create exquisite patterns in mokume gane rings and rose alloys would be a unique choice to be included in the ring. To emphasize its love connotation, the symbolic heart in the claddagh design widely uses rose, red or pink gold.

rose gold engagement ring with big diamond

The designer and online jewelers are turning more and more towards unusual metals and this makes gold easily reachable. However the alloy is still relatively rare. Usually many custom rings are made with rose gold and independent jewelers are more likely to offer these jewelers than the ordinary ones. There is yet another option to investigate for antique rings particularly those which are set in an art deco style. During the art deco period, the rose gold engagement rings were popular as the trend made extravagant use of metals and bold colors.

The price of rose gold would be similar to the traditional and common yellow gold and in fact the copper is less expensive than silver making the rose alloy combination much cheaper. However, since the rose gold engagement rings are very rare, they are relatively costly. Hence the couples seeking rose gold engagement ring may need to custom order a ring or seek out an independent or online jeweler to find a ring that comes within their choice and budget.via