Make Her Eyes Sparkle with 14k White Gold Engagement Rings

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14k white gold ring

Seeking for that diamond engagement ring that will make her heart to skip a beat, take her breath away, and put tears in her eyes? Have you thought about white gold? Watch her eyes light up as you present, say for instance, a 14K white gold engagement ring with white diamonds glistening in the light. Why white gold you ask?

Well, for this most vital, life changing event you require to think about all options including an alternative that is just as gorgeous as silver or platinum. A number of folks love silver, while others find it dull and less appealing. There is platinum, but platinum is much rarer which makes the cost more expensive which takes us right back to the question, ‘Why this particular metal?’

14k white gold ring with diamond

In line with Merriam-Webster, white gold is defined as a pale mixture of gold particularly with nickel or palladium that resembles platinum in appearance. In plain words what you think is white, is not white at all. This metallic chemical element always has been, and always will be yellow. In order for the yellow metal to become white, convinced other white metals are put into the mix. Nickel is mixed which gives it added strength and toughness together with palladium, platinum, manganese, and silver. Albeit all white metals are added to the mix, without the rhodium metal plating the color would be somewhat brown, gray, or even pale pink. In the end it’s the rhodium metal plating that causes the finished product to be white and shiny.

Karats are determined by using the similar process for both types. Karats are a unit that is used for expressing proportion of gold in any alloy equal to 1/24 parts of gold. For instance, alloys that are mixed with 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy, equals 14 karats. Mix 18 parts gold to 6 parts alloy and you have 18 karats. Keep in mind that valuable yellow metal mixed with silver or palladium registers a higher amount of karats where the adding of nickel can lower the determination of karats.

14k white gold engagement ring

The major points that have been made in this article state that white are a great option to yellow gold, silver, or platinum. This gorgeous white metal is less costly than platinum and creates a fine setting for white diamonds, and last but not least, karats are determined by the same process regardless of either finish. This is a special event in your life; an experience that will long be remembered, so take the time to think about all your options before you present that engagement ring on bended knee. All in all to bring that sparkle and bliss to your other half, it would almost certainly ever be the best option with your option of white gold selection over the rest where it matches her lifestyle needs readily.