The Beauty Discovered in Gold Engagement Rings

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Certainly, rings – regardless of its kind – are gorgeous and stunning. Depending on your purpose, rings are always valuable and sentimental. Through the years, the use of rings has always been associated with weddings and engagements. And among the so many types and kinds of rings that have emerged over time, one of most admired choices of brides and grooms is gold.

These days, wanting to veer away from the traditional color of yellow in gold, there are more and more couples wanting white gold diamond rings for their engagement. The contemporary beauty of white gold diamond engagement rings never fail to get the attention of countless future brides and grooms out there since it exudes elegance, simplicity, modernism and power all at the same time.

If you are already looking forward to wearing a precious diamond engagement ring on your finger, then you might as well do a little research about it before finally purchasing it. According to countless surveys, gold is the most common-not to mention, popular-choice of most couples for their wedding or engagement rings. Gold can either be white golf or yellow gold. Common standards dictate that fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either 14-karat (K) or 18 karat (K) gold.

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The 18-karat gold should consist of 18 parts pure gold combines with 6 parts other metals while the 14-karat gold has 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts of other metals. In case of couples looking for their wedding or engagement rings, it is very important that they decide how many karats of they want in a gold mount or shank since it will set the budget and determine some minor advantages and disadvantages.

In market, white gold is more preferable compared to yellow gold. It is also usually harder that’s why it can last for longer period of time. It is usually more suggested for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold because it doesn’t wash off after years of use. Although gold yellow appeals because of its glow and bright finish, more and more soon-to-wed couples prefer the simplicity and elegance in their diamond engagement rings.

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If you are looking for a precious and reliable mount for your diamond, then you should settle for an 18-K since it is harder and its resistance against scratches is greater compared to other metals. An 18-K is also recommended compared 14-K because it has whiter color. Also, it doesn’t need rhodium in its plate to hide any discoloration that is common to 14-K white gold.