Pink Bridal Tiaras

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Think about a Pink Bridal Tiara for Your Fairytale Theme Wedding

By E. Brooks
pink bridal tiara
pink bridal tiara

Your wedding planning is underway. You have decided on a fairy princess wedding theme for your wedding, together with your favorite colors, one of which is pink. A princess bride needs a bridal tiara to complete her look and a pink tiara will provide an exciting and unexpected garnish to your hair and veil. Most brides wear their hair upswept in a way that makes it easy to wear a tiara.

Most tiaras are only silver or gold wire and loops, with some pearls for garnish. Imagine the same silver or gold tiara decorated with stunning pink crystal jewelry. The pink on your tiara will help bring out the colors in your flowers, table decorations and wedding cake.

Fairy princess tiaras are usually in the form of a crown and as such, are easy to accent with pink crystals. You need to decide which color you want to use to form the basis of your tiara. Most weddings will use silver, but gold or copper are some other unique but great choices to use. Crowns make great tiaras for a wedding because they can contain flowers, hearts and other beautiful designs. You are not just restricted to a row of beads. If you have your pink tiara made, you can include several items in your crown that are special to you and your finance.

Tiaras are available that add pink accents to a crown, or tiaras that use pink crystals as the major part of the tiara. The tiara with the pink accents with draw attention to your pink accents. A tiara of mostly pink will draw attention to the face of the bride, and make clear to your guests you are a bit adventurous. Of course, the pink tiara will also show that you like pink!

pink crystal bridal tiara
pink crystal bridal tiara

Pink is a color associated with new life and spring. It is used in many kinds of theme weddings, but pink just cries out to be part of a fairy tale wedding. Pink is pleasant, and usually associated with good feelings. A pink tiara will also help accent your makeup, and put more color in your cheeks.

Your bridal tiara will also give you something to pass down to your children from your wedding that can be used with any style of wedding. It also will give you something special to wear on anniversaries and special occasions after you are married. A fairly tale wedding is just not complete without a pink tiara.