Traditional Wedding Tiaras

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Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Tiaras

By Kate Mendelsen
wedding tiara
wedding tiara

A large percentage of brides choose to wear wedding tiaras because of the symbolism and images associated to this type of headpiece. Historically, only members of nobility wear wedding tiaras. As time passed, other sectors of society also wanted to wear a bridal tiara. However, the association between the tiara and higher social status never waned even with the passage of time.

Wearing a tiara during the wedding day makes the bride feel like she is a princess for a day. With the increase in demand, a greater number of bridal tiaras became available, accommodating to different needs in terms of design, style and budget. Although tiaras have long been considered a common element in weddings, some brides choose not to wear a tiara.

There are numerous alternatives to what is considered to be the traditional tiara. Traditional bridal tiaras resemble a circlet as compared to any other type of bridal headpiece. Tiaras were conventionally worn by queens during public events as crowns were often too heavy. This distinguished them from other members of society. Wedding tiaras are worn horizontally, tilting the headpiece slightly forward. Some brides who are looking for a tiara that has a little more pizzazz can opt for more contemporary styles.

During more recent times, it has become possible to find tiaras which are worn tilted on the side or designed asymmetrically. Aptly named for the embellishments placed on only one side of the tiara, these types have become popular with more modern weddings. Asymmetrically designed or side tiaras are also easy to wear. These types of tiaras are a practical choice for brides who choose to do their own wedding hair, easy to slip on and remove. Much like traditional tiaras, these come in a variety of designs and may have crystals, diamonds or pearls incorporated.

Another popular alternative is the hair vine, aptly named for the numerous branches decorated with pearls, diamonds or crystals. In comparison with other types of wedding tiaras or wedding headpieces, bridal hair vines are the most flexible type. As the wires can be easily manipulated, the bride can customize the design and look to fit her need. Using a bridal hair vine can add interest to the bride’s hairstyle with its particular shape and form. It can even be used in conjunction with tiaras if the bride desires.

crystal bridal tiara
crystal bridal tiara

Bridal headbands are another option, albeit somewhat more traditional. Much like a side tiara, only one side may be decorated. These can be worn regardless of the bride’s hairstyle, whether swept to one side or worn down. Wedding headbands are also easy to wear, which make them a practical option for brides choosing to do their own hair.

Among the most well known hair accessories, even during weddings, are hair pins. Although at times underestimated because of their size, some hair pins are elaborately decorated and can add additional details to the bride’s hair. Hair pins now come in a number of sizes and styles. Pins of a smaller size come in sets while larger sized pins are often sold individually. Because of their size, these are often relatively inexpensive among bridal accessories.

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