The Popularity of White Wedding Dresses

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White wedding dresses are more or less needed for any wedding. There are a lot of reasons for same. For instance the white wedding dresses flawlessly align with the western culture. Customarily, white color has been selected for weddings in England. This was the favored color for weddings in the British Monarchy. It became in style after the well-known marriage of Queen Victoria who had adorned a dress of this color at her marriage. Her dress was made of exotic fabrics and fashionable accessories.

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Since at that time, white wedding dresses have become symbols of tradition. Albeit a lot of women have starting using dresses of other colors at their weddings, white is still the most favorite color. This color is also measured as a symbol for wealth. Women belonging to rich and powerful families used to be dressed in this color at their weddings. Most recently, women of all parts of the society are using this color to design their wedding dresses.

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Furthermore, no other color is measured as pure as white. The elegance provided by white to any dress is unmatchable and white has become synonymous with formal wear. No formal wear is complete without a white color. Even the men’s formal dresses contain white shirts. Nevertheless, the maintenance of this color can be bit of an issue. Even a slight spot either from a drop of tea, coffee or dirt can ruin your white colored dress. Therefore, you must make sure that your white wedding dress doesn’t get dirty, even a small spot can damage it.

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You can adjoin to the elegance that is provided by the white color by using several trendy accessories. Hats and gloves of contrasting colors can be used together with it. If your budget permits, you can wear jewelry consisting of diamond, sapphire or ruby. Flowers such as rose, lavender and jasmine are recognized for adding to the beauty of the dress. You can either choose them or any other flower which suits your personality. With the good facts about white wedding dresses, it is no wonder if a lot of modern brides prefer them in their wedding day.