Christmas Wedding Decorations

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christmas wedding decorations

Christmas weddings become more and more popular. Wedding around Christmas can be very magical with the excitement of the holiday season which is combined with the thrill of love. That’s why decorating the wedding venue with Christmas theme is very essential. There are a lot of ways and ideas to do Christmas wedding decorations especially for the Christmas wedding table decorations, Christmas wedding reception decorations and Christmas wedding venue decorations.

Christmas Wedding Decorations Ideas

For the Christmas wedding reception decorations, you can decorate it with clear string lights. To add a festive touch, you can also include a pine garland with the lights along the edge of the head table. Artificial pine garlands can be bought in a lot of craft stores closer to Christmas for a reasonable price, and they look almost as natural as the real thing. You can also use these garlands to decorate pews for a church ceremony.

For your Christmas wedding table decorations, they could be a basket or a vase filled up with ornaments. For the decorations across the area you could make use of garland Christmas trees.

Flowers are a big part of every Christmas wedding decorations. A Christmas wedding gives you a number of interesting options. The poinsettia is a famous holiday plant and would make beautiful centerpieces. These flowers could be displayed in delicate pots, suitable for the occasion, or in decorative bowls. Poinsettias can be generously put on the gift table, DJ table and any other open space that needs some brightening up.

To arrive the romantic ambiance for your Christmas wedding decorations, you can prefer roses, then you can make beautiful and festive bouquets and centerpieces with a combination of red and white roses mixed with lots of greenery. For table decorations, you should keep the centerpieces short so your guests can still see over them.

Other festive accents for Christmas wedding decorations include giving wedding favors. You can give Christmas ornaments or small stockings as wedding favors. In place of poinsettia centerpieces, you can decorate each table with a miniature Christmas tree which is decorated with tiny ornaments. The tree shouldn’t be more than 1 to 1.5 feet high. By so doing, your guests can still notice what’s going around in other areas of the room. If you don’t want the entire tree, you can seek for chic Christmas tree toppers (angels or stars), and utilize them as centerpieces instead. Then one lucky guest from each table gets to take home a precious reminder of your special day.

You can incorporate some ornaments in your Christmas wedding decorations by hanging them at intervals along the edge of the head table and cake table. You can also ask the bakery if they can decorate your wedding cake with ornaments or even small angel figurines. You need also to ensure to hang wreaths on any doors your guests may need to go through, the front door of the reception hall, washroom doors, and possibly on the church pews.

To complete the whole look of your Christmas wedding decorations, you must position a full-size decorated Christmas tree somewhere at your reception! If some of your guests are children you can have several small gifts wrapped up for them under the tree. This way will give them something to do when the adults are up dancing. You can opt for the right time to hand out the gifts, but right at end of the speeches might be the ideal time to minimize distractions.

There are a lot of  ways to decorate a wedding with a Christmas theme, and these are just a few ideas. There’s no need to go overboard and decorate everything with ornaments and garlands, a handful of items will suffice to spread the holiday cheer among your guests. If you’re still stuck for Christmas wedding decorations ideas, you can think of the holiday traditions from which your family cherishes and see if you can incorporate them into your wedding.

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