Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

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men's gold wedding rings

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings – Gold wedding rings are considered as the most traditional rings we can see available today. When men’s wedding rings first became all the rage during the Second World War, gold was the metal of option. Over the years, other metals have been popularized into the market. Yet, gold has proceeded to have a strong existence as the favored metal for wedding bands.

men's gold wedding ring with simple design

Pure gold is too weak to be utilized for jewelry purposes. That is why it is always alloyed with at least one additional metal to make sure strength and durability. Pure gold would be 24 karats, but most men’s gold wedding rings will either be 14 karats or 18 karats. When a ring is considered as being 14 karats, it means that it is approximately 58.3 percent gold, while an 18 karat ring is 75 percent pure gold. Obviously, an 18 karat gold ring would be more vulnerable to wear and tear, as it is more gold, and thus weaker than 14 karat gold.

men's gold wedding ring

Some men’s gold wedding rings purchasers may have a preference for a more silver tone to their ring. For them, white gold is the answer. White gold is just yellow gold that has been treated to look white or silver.

To make the yellow gold appear white, elements such as nickel, palladium, or silver are added. While nickel itself can give a good white gold appearance, it is often allergenic and can cause skin problems to anyone who is sensitive to nickel. Gold that is alloyed with palladium and silver will not usually cause allergies, and most 18 karat gold is alloyed only with these two metals.

mens gold wedding rings

One problem with white gold is that, since it has the same properties as yellow gold, it will begin to look more yellow over time. In fact, a lot of white gold rings have to be re-plated after a number of years in order to restore it to its original color.

Despite the fact that yellow and white gold does not have the durability has other metals, it is still a popular choice for men’s gold wedding rings buyers.

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