Simple Wedding Dresses: Stylish, Versatile and more Affordable

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There are as many different wedding dresses out there as there are types of brides. Some want to have a princess wedding and some want to have something simple. When it comes time for you to choose your wedding dress, think about what excites you and also what goes with your personality. Your wedding is a reflection of you as a couple, but your dress is a reflection of you alone. If you are a type of bride who likes to keep things simple, then simple wedding dresses may be what you need.

There is no fancy train either, the most common silhouette for a simple wedding dress is A-line. An A-line dress has a fitted bodice and flows out from the waist down. Sheath dresses that go straight down from the waist are also known for being quite simple.

Perfect for Destination Weddings

As the name suggest simple wedding dresses are not simple at all but they are less decorated as compared to designer wedding dresses. These dresses are perfect for informal or intimate weddings and destination weddings.

These types of dresses go well with satin and silk fabrics. White is the most preferable choice but one can also go for soft ivory, it does compliment you well.

A simple beach wedding dress is an obvious choice. If you are having a beach wedding, the sand tends to dirty the bottom and catch hold of the details on the hem of a wedding gown.

By choosing a simple and slightly raised hem line you won’t need to worry about that. It will sway slightly above the sand and remain clean and dry. You could even go with a tea length dress to make sure it will stay clean.

Ways to Look Gorgeous with a Simple Wedding Dress

You can accessorize your simple wedding dress well for a perfect  and more gorgeous look. You can play up the dress by adding some bold jewelry. Going for some garlands or a beautiful diamond necklace just contribute no less to help you look attractive. You can also have a slash that do go well with all types of wedding dresses.

Besides this, you can go for other colors also while choosing simple wedding dresses. You can also go for accessorizing the dress with spaghetti straps in different colors.

You can find a white dress made of gossamer material that shimmers when you walk. You can have a silver belt around the middle. You have a great looking wedding dress that is simple, but far from plain.

Stylish, Versatile and More Affordable

These dresses are the best available option for low budget weddings. These types of dresses generally require less fabric material and less manpower to make. That is why simple wedding dresses are known to be more affordable.

You are not limited to finding them off-the-rack at department stores. Many bridal boutiques carry a good selection of simple dresses. In fact, a lot of of the top wedding dress designers in the industry have simpler dresses in their collection. These dresses can be quite sleek and sophisticated, making it a hit with a lot of modern women. Since there is not a lot of frills, you can pretty much find one on any budget. Just keep in mind that the pricier ones will probably have better fabric and cut.

Unlike most traditional dresses, a simple wedding dress is much more versatile. You can probably find another occasion to wear it out again without it looking like a wedding dress. For the record, just because it’s simple does not make it boring.

There are different necklines that will make your dress look totally modern like one shoulder or off shoulder. You can also play up the dress by adding some bold jewelry or accessories.

Simple wedding dresses can also be made to be something else if you have been gifted one but you want something with more to it. You can do this yourself, but it might be a better idea to find a seamstress to help you with this. You can have tulle and beading added in some cases.

10 Simple Wedding Dresses You Won’t Refuse to Wear

Are you looking for your dream simple wedding dress? Here is the dress that you are looking for.

simple wedding dresses

Left. An A-line floor length wedding dress with V-neck. {image credit >> wedding dress trend} Right. Simple beach wedding dress. {image credit >> in wedding dress}

simple wedding dress

A simple floor length wedding dress with spaghetti straps. {image credit >> bhldn}

simple sweetheart wedding dress

A simple sweetheart a-line wedding dress with floor length. {image credit >> essense designs}

simple open back wedding dress with spaghetti straps

A simple open back wedding dress with spaghetti straps. {image credit >> lucky bridals}

simple floor length wedding dress

A simple floor length wedding dress by Rosa Clara. {image credit >> pinterest}

simple ivory wedding dress

A simple ivory wedding dress. {image credit >> bhldn}

simple satin wedding dress

A simple satin wedding dress. {image credit >> ali express}

simple a-line sweetheart wedding dress

A simple a-line sweetheart wedding dress. {image credit >> pinterest}

simple white wedding dress with high slit

A simple white wedding dress with high slit. {image credit >> top bridal}


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