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backyard wedding ideas

Having a backyard wedding can be a refreshing idea. It can also be a very individual way of expressing yourself on your wedding day. It is really a reflection of the bride and groom. It can be very intimate or extravagant affair as well. There are few things to consider in the planning when you are planning to have a backyard wedding.

Is it just the ceremony?

Or do you plan to have the reception in the backyard as well?

Here, we have some inspiring and creative backyard wedding ideas and tips to keep in mind for you beautiful alfresco wedding in the backyard. So, get you inspired!

When you are considering having a backyard wedding, it is important for you to factor in the number of guests and the type of wedding you are planning. Why? It is because the size and shape of the backyard will surely make the difference to how many guests you can accommodate. It will also influence whether you could have a sit down dinner or cocktail wedding reception.

Assuming your backyard is bigger enough to house the number of guests you are going to invite, the next thing to think about is the theme of the event.

Will it be a morning, picnic style wedding or afternoon luncheon?

Will you select to hold your wedding in the late afternoon and have a cocktail or sit down formal reception?

Whatever you select you will have got to hire or build some of the things you might require to make the event a special one. One of the things you may wish for to hire or consider building for the event is a gazebo.

Getting married in a Gazebo will give a romantic and classical sense. You will need to afterward hire chairs enough for the guests to be seated during the ceremony. Once you have concluded the ceremony the bride and groom may go off to a romantic place for photos while the guests move straight into the pre dinner canapés at the reception. If the weather allows you could consider a romantic reception under the stars.

You can consider hiring a dance floor and stage to compliment the venue and accommodate the music and entertainment. You will clearly also necessitate hiring tables and linen to seat your guests. And depending on the number of guests you may wish for hiring portable bathrooms.

When it comes to decorating your backyard wedding, it could be a simple as candelabras with lit candles. They will also facilitate with the wedding lighting. A number of well positioned torches outside could also be a nice idea to go and lend a tropical touch to the wedding.

You can give cascading floral arrangements that will of course add a touch of elegance and class to the backyard venue. If you opt for artificial lighting for the event, it may require additional electrical needs particularly considering the need for power for the musicians and entertainers. In this example a generator may be necessary.

An outdoor backyard garden wedding will only be effective if the weather is possible. Should it be a cooler evening the hiring of heaters will be essential and perhaps a marquee or tent to avoid the wedding being ruined from bad weather. A marquee which is set in the backyard is also an elegant touch to your backyard wedding.

When it comes to the catering, hiring a catering service is the way to go. They frequently come with their own vans and mobile kitchen facilities and can give you will a great package deal.

So when you are planning your backyard wedding, consider all the logistics and ensure that you and your guests have a first class night. The guests will really remember this unique wedding held in the most intimate of places your own backyard.

Need some more ideas for your backyard wedding? Here are some beautiful and creative photos of backyard wedding ideas to enrich your inspiration.

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