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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Brides-to-Be

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Is there any one of your friends who is engaged to married? The holidays can be a wonderful time to give to her, a special gift that she can enjoy for her wedding. After all, there are numerous things that she requires or wishes for her wedding. If you will be planning to grant her a Christmas or holiday gift anyway, why not two birds with one stone? Consider these wonderful holiday gift ideas for the bride-to-be:

The perfect accessories can be a special thing that every bride requires to complete her wedding ensemble.  The thing is that by the time everything else has been paid for, the bride may well find herself lacking the funds in her wedding budget to obtain all of those special finishing touches. It no wonder if wedding jewelry, headpieces, unique wraps or evening bags can all make meaningful gifts.

If you feel that you do not know precisely what the bride wants, checking in with her mother or maid-of-honor will indeed help you. Maybe there is a lace shrug that goes well with her wedding gown that she is dying to possess for the ceremony.

Or probably she has chosen a stunning pair of crystals and your gifts of wedding jewelry would be able to complete the set for her. If you feel a bit nervous about knowing exactly the bride’s taste in jewelry, a vintage beaded handbag will always make a fabulous gift. It does need to be a precise match to her wedding gown.

If most of the basic day needs have been completed by a bride, you can think about making a gift of some of the special extras that will make her day as stylish and elegant as possible. A silver compact which is engraved with the wedding date is just the thing for the bride to slip in her bag for touch ups on the wedding day.

monogram cake topper

A special monogrammed cake topper can also be another great idea for her wedding cake. In this case, you need to make sure to find out exactly which style she likes. You can ask her mother or the baker.

Handcrafted Christmas or holiday gifts can be thoughtful indeed. What talents do you have? With your talents you can apply them to make a one-of-a-kind gift for the bride. Let’s say, you are good at embroidery. Making a hand embroidered hankie for the bride will be a lovely idea.

hand embroidered hankie

You can embroider her name and wedding date with baby blue thread so it can be her “something blue”. Experienced knitters can try their hand a t a wispy wedding ring shawl, which is a wrap knit so finely that it can be pulled through the hold of a wedding ring. Not only such a beautiful gift be wonderful for the wedding, but it would be a treasured keepsake.

Planning a wedding will make every bride-to-be experience stress. Treating her to a relaxing day at the spa or a private yoga lesson can be another great holiday gift idea. Otherwise, you can give her a gift certificate to her favorite salon to get a manicure and pedicure before the wedding. It is something that any bride is sure to appreciate.

Whether you are a friend or a family member, there are a lot of terrific gift ideas for the bride-to-be in your life. It can be a splurge or a small token of your affection, but you can be sure that the bride will love her holiday gift from you!

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