The Extravagance of 1940s Wedding Dresses

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1940s wedding dresses

The 1940s wedding dresses covered from simple to extravagant. A lot of wedding dresses booming in the 1940s were designed with flowing trains. Generally, traditional bridal dresses in the 1940s came in white. Beginning in the mid 1940s, a lot of celebrities who were still young were getting hitched and were snapped in dress suits or their Sunday best. This phenomena had become really normal to skirt the entire wedding dress altogether.

1940s knee length wedding dress

In the meantime, fitting gloves were non-compulsory if the wedding dress came in sleeves. If the dress was not designed long sleeves, hence it was fashionable to have on gloves that came up past the elbow. And for you who are planning a vintage themed wedding, wearing a vintage inspired wedding dress becomes a must-have. Among many vintage wedding dresses out there, 1940s vintage inspired wedding dresses would be a perfect choice. Here, we have gathered some of them for your concern.

1940s open back wedding dress
1940s knee length lace wedding dress
1940s floor length backless wedding dress

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