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wedding makeup tips for brown eyes

Wedding or bridal makeup becomes the last thing required to complete the look of a bride after all essential items have been provided. That is why if you wish for having a flawless look on your wedding day, preparing and planning your make up carefully and well in advance becomes a must. It does not really matter whether you wish for doing your makeup yourself or employ someone else to do it; there are a few important things to remember. Your make up should reflect of what you normally wear. If you are a person who usually like to have the natural look, you have got to stick to natural colors but slightly stronger. The important thing is that your makeup must make you feel comfortable. This is not the time to test anything drastic since on your special day you don’t want to be worrying about your shade of lips when saying your vows.

bridal makeup tips for eyes

It is very helpful to have a practice run before your big day if you want to have your make up done professionally. To make you sure that you have the look that you want, you can have a dress rehearsal and take photos. There is a wide range of fabulous long lasting makeup items that you can find around that will ensure that you do not need to “touch up” during the day if you want your make up to last all day. By so doing, you do not always have to re-apply your makeup. With these makeup tips and advice, you will arrive in your best look on your wedding day.

wedding makeup for smokey eyes
smokey eye makeup for the bride

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