11 Unique and Cheap Wedding Party Favors Under 1

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Now is the time to take advantage of all of the fantastic choices in cheap wedding party favors that are available from a lot of online sources. If you have been shopping around at your local stores, you may have seen that your choices can be somewhat limited. Online sources nevertheless, don’t have the high overhead and their larger sales volume also means greater choices to select from.

Cheap Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Below are a number of cheap wedding favor ideas for your inspiration.

  • Authentic European Chocolates

Candy is a no brainier. Nevertheless, when you shop locally, cheap candy can also mean less than adequate quality. One new type of candy that is nowadays much more very affordable online is high quality, authentic European chocolates. These aren’t imitations, but rather top grade Swiss and Belgian chocolates, sent directly from the source.

  • Easy and Inexpensive Custom Printing

Another cheap wedding favor that you might want to think about is personalized monogrammed or printed items. Even a cheap item can take on a new special custom effect when it has been custom printed just for your special occasion. There are now many online sources for this type of custom printing and you may surprised at just how easy and inexpensive it can be.

  • Print on Anything

Its all the result of newly developed digital printing technology that has taken the high cost out of custom printing. Its the same digital technology that has made printed paper so affordable in recent years. The same basic technology that is used to print on paper, has now been adapted to print on fabric, cardboard and plastics, so no just about anything can be printed on.

  • Simple and Cheap

Also, because it is digital technology, there is no need for expensive stencils or silk screen frames. Your design idea is simply downloaded into the printers memory using a computer and then transferred onto what ever it is that you have ordered for your custom cheap wedding favors.

11 Unique and Cheap Wedding Party Favors Under 1

You won’t believe that the following gorgeous wedding party favors ideas are under $1.

Cheap Wedding Party Favors

Cheap Donuts Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Seed Packets Wedding Party Favor
Cheap S’mores Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Glow Sticks Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Tea Bags Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Bookmarks Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Cookies Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Popcorn Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Magnets Wedding Party Favor
Cheap Mint Wedding Party Favor

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