3 Most Famous Historical Wedding Venues in UK

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Wedding day is very special for everyone, and every human being in this world wants this day to be a memorable one. The most important thing to select in this special day is a wedding venue. Having a perfect wedding depends a lot on the venue that you have selected. If you are planning your wedding in the UK, you are sure to find some of the best historical wedding venues all over the country.

You can find a venue according to your own requirements. Each venue has its own specialty. Wedding day is one day when you want everything to go perfect, and you can start off with selecting a perfect venue from the uncountable option that you have in the UK.

UK is basically famous for its historical buildings and rich traditions. You can find a lot of historical venues in the UK. You can also plan a wedding in an open area as it is surrounded by beautiful greenery and nature. Getting married in the country side is also one of the options. You can find venue of every kind, from glamorous to historical, from relaxed to luxurious. Such exotic venues will definitely make your wedding a memorable one.

When it comes to historical wedding venues, you can find a lot of them throughout the country. There are innumerable forts, castles throughout England, from which you can select. The venue also depends on the budget you have planned to spend on your wedding. Deciding a venue is a hard task, as you have to do a lot of planning before that. First things first, decide your budget and start looking for a historical venue all over the country. The UK venues are all licensed for wedding ceremonies, so you can select the one you like.

Historical venues include castle venues, country house venues and farmhouse venues. Let us take a look at a few of the famous historical venues. This will help you decide the venue.

Blair Castle

1. Blair Castle

This is one of the most famous wedding venues in the UK. Historical Blair Castle is outstanding and can fulfil all your dreams related to a perfect wedding. It will give a perfect fairytale kind of wedding look. The castle is surrounded by lush green trees, and you can decorate it in your own way to give a personal touch and make the venue romantic.

Chillingham Castle

2. Chillingham Castle

This castle is situated in Chillingham, Northumberland, which is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Chillingham Castle can be an excellent wedding venue for your wedding as it offers a big hall for your wedding ceremony. It looks extremely historical with all the stone flagged flooring and other stuff.

Great Fosters

3. Great Fosters

Great Fosters is an excellent venue, if you are planning to hold a wedding ceremony in the countryside. This venue consists of amazing formal gardens. The architecture of the building is outstanding, due to which it is an excellent choice as a wedding venue, and it will make your day unforgettable.

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