13 Beautiful Inspirations of White Wedding Cakes

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White Wedding Cakes

Courtesy of Antonia’s Cakes

A wedding will not be complete without the arrival of wedding cakes in the wedding. Wedding cake is a very essential entity in a wedding day.

It can also be one of main centerpieces in a wedding. Having a special wedding cake would be able to be a great attention to the guests in a wedding.

A bride will have lots of choices of wedding cakes. The choice ranges from the cake sizes, designs, prices, ingredients, colors and more.

White wedding cakes are probably the most pleasing color of cakes that are hunted by many brides. White in white wedding cakes symbolizes the pure heart of the bride and grooms to live together.

Here are a number of beautiful white wedding cake ideas for your inspirations.

Elegant White Wedding Cake

Drip White Wedding Cake

Floral Finished White Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake with Torn Paper Effect

White Wedding Cake with Minimal Detail

White Wedding Cake with Gold Accent

White Mosaic Wedding Cake

White Quilted Wedding Cake

Bas-relief White Wedding Cake

Crystallized White Sparkle Wedding Cake

White Sugar Veil Lace Wedding CakeCourtesy of Bride Magazine

Elegant Minimal White Wedding CakeCourtesy of Mel’s Amazing Cakes

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