Bridal Veils for Short Hairstyles

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shoulder length wedding veils

Wearing a wedding veil is a very special part of being a bride. It can be difficult to understand how to couple a veil with a short haircut, nevertheless, both in terms of style and stability. These are a number of great ideas on bridal veils for short hair.

The number one concern for brides with short hair when it comes to veils is, “how can I keep it from slipping out?” There is no question that the less hair you possess, the more difficult it is to anchor your veil and give it some stability.

Nevertheless, don’t let that dispirit you from wearing a bridal veil if it is something you would like to do. With a bit of creativity in your hairstyle, and some help from your bridal hair jewelry, you will be able to put on a beautiful veil for your wedding.

shoulder length bridal veil

The first step in opting for a veil for short hair is to speak with your hairstylist. It also depends just how short your hair really is, and whether you intend to grow it a little longer for the wedding. If you possess a chin length bob, you will have more options than you may think. Hair of that length can actually be pulled back into a French twist, which will make securing a veil much easier. Simply place the metal comb of the veil into your hair above the twist. Tuck a few hairpins or a crystal jeweled comb into the side of the twist, and you will come with an elegant look that is perfect with any length veil.

Another option for chin length hair is to have your stylist pull back just a little at the crown. A good hairstylist can make use of that little section of hair to create an anchor for the comb of a veil, either by backcombing or even creating tiny braids under the top layer of hair; the little braids would be invisible, in other words, but make an excellent anchor for the veil. With the rest of your hair remaining chin length, a shorter veil tends to look more in proportion than a long one.

A waist length veil with a ribbon edge would be darling; top it off with bridal hair jewelry such as a pearl beaded comb tucked right in front of the veil. One nice thing about a short tie veil is that it is so comfortable that you can have on it for the whole wedding, right through the end of the reception.

bridal veil for short hair

Even brides with tool short hair to pull back at all can still have on a veil. The most reliable way to safe a bridal veil in very short hair is by stitching it to a wreath or circlet. The best wreaths are made on slightly flexible frames which can really be gently bent to conform to the shape of your head for a perfect fit. Occasionally there will be a small metal comb in the front of the wreath which will go into the hair on the top of your head.

The veil then flows down the back of the wreath in a very woodland fairy effect. A calf length veil with minimal fullness would be ideal. The key to a bridal wreath is to keep the embellishments on it tremendously dainty so that you do not look like a flower girl.

If a wreath is not your style, think about opting for a jaunty cap with a bit of netting instead of a traditional veil. It is a very chic and modern look which is ideally suited to short hair.

A birdcage veil can be a great compromise between a traditional veil and going without a veil for a bride with a short haircut. It lets you show off your modern hairstyle while still feeling like a romantic bride. Find more bridal veils and accessories.