Creative and Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

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Having unique wedding invitations is desired by most brides. The wedding invitation cards set the stage for bridal day happiness. A unique wedding invitation is able to amaze the guests even before the wedding. It can also convey your distinctive expression as a couple. There are many ideas for unique wedding invitations that you can have. Here are some of them.

unique wedding invitations

A compact disc wedding invitation is truly unique. In the meantime, it can also serve as keepsake. You can include in these wedding invitations favorite love songs. They can also include a video of photos by the couple. The video can have a story of how the two grew up and how they have met. Nice photos of memories shared together by the couple should also be included. The finale of the video can be a photo of the engagement.

unique wedding invitation ideas

Wedding invitation on a glass jar is also very nice. This invitation is another keepsake for your guests. This can be put on display in the living room as a reminder of the wedding date. The information can be either engraved on the glass or a printed piece of paper with the information can be inserted inside the glass gar. Just fill the jar with colored pebbles, marbles or colored sand.

unique wedding invitation design

A ceramic wedding invitation is also another unique wedding invitation idea. For a more personalized touch the couple can design the ceramic. There are many items made of ceramic which can have a personalized print on it such as a plate, a mug or a coaster. For the plate, a stand can also be provided so it can be a keepsake. Hopefully, these unique wedding invitation ideas inspire you.

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