The Exquisiteness of Blue Wedding Bouquets

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beautiful blue wedding bouquets

For your wedding flowers, blue wedding bouquets would be a beautiful color choice. Their beauty and fragrance would really impress your guests attending your wedding. There is a consideration that a blue wedding bouquet and flower symbolize freedom, strength and new early stages.

The color of blue feels cool, calming, relaxing and refreshing. Blue can be found in the blue water in the ocean to the blue skies. It also symbolizes protection, clarity, creativity and metal supremacy.

There are many blue beautiful and lovely flowers. Delphinium, larkspur, hyacinth, pansies, anemone, iris, ageratum, lobelia, veronica and bluebells are very beautiful flowers. Those come in blue.

These kinds of flower will be very elegant to make as wedding bouquets. Meanwhile, dark blue has a tranquilizing effect that connects us to our intuitive side. And there are lots of people who make blue as their beloved color.

It is also understood that people who wear light blue are regarded to have a more practical approach to life. In several religions, blue has become a symbol as well.

In Catholics, the color blue is symbolic to the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary. In Judaism, it is connected to God the Father.

In Islam, it is the color both of religion and community and is used for decorating mosques. In Ancient Greece, blue was associated with the sky gods Mercury, Juno and Jupiter.

Classically, many popular wedding bouquets are made in pastel shades, including white, pink or yellow flowers. For the more courageous bride, blue wedding bouquets are a very unique and memorable choice for her special day.

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