Three Choices of Hand Wedding Bouquets

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hand wedding bouquet designs

To get the perfect look of a bride, there must be a harmony among the essential bridal things needed such as the wedding dress, wedding shoes and hand wedding bouquets. And of course, the wedding dress must go pleasantly with the hand wedding bouquet of the brides.

Hand Wedding Bouquet Basic Shapes

Actually there is still another thing that also has an impact and now and then it is forgotten. A bride usually just matches the wedding bouquet colors with her wedding dress. What about the shape of the wedding bouquets? Hand bridal bouquet has some basic shapes.

cascade hand wedding bouquet

Firstly is cascade hand wedding bouquet. It looks like the water fall with some flowers hanging down. Secondly is round hand wedding bouquet. And the third is hand-tied that looks little casual compared to others which still shows the flower stalk. Among these three options, each can be adjusted to suit the bride’s wedding gown and body shape. For example, a bride with the big hips can be hidden away with a cascade bridal bouquet and hand-tied bouquet.

Round hand wedding bouquets must be avoided. It is since the use of round wedding bouquet will emerge the body to look bigger.

Cascade wedding bouquet is usually used to give a slimming effect. Conversely, this kind of bridal bouquet is also appropriate for the brides who look too tall and thin to balance the impression of height.

Round wedding bouquet will just make them taller. Meanwhile, round hand bouquets are best apposite for the brides who have small body to present the impression of “full”.

hand-tied wedding bouquet
round hand wedding bouquet

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