10 Wonderful Bridal Veil Ideas To Boost Your Look

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Your wedding is, perhaps, one of the most important days of your entire life. There are so many great options that one has to choose from when selecting the location of their wedding, the theme and the attire-that the list seemingly never ends.

Classic Long Bridal Veil With Flowers
Classic Long Bridal Veil With Flowers. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Today wedding veils are more of a style statement than a symbolic gesture. Thus, the ideal veil depends largely on the style of your wedding gown and the overall look you want to create.

Long Lace Bridal Veil With Comb
Long Lace Bridal Veil With Comb. Courtesy of Best Wedding Veil

Tulle is the classic veil material, although lace, silk, and satin are also options. Veils can be embellished with embroidery, pearls, or sparkly stones. Lengths run the gamut from short blushers to elaborate cathedral-length jaw droppers.

Long White Bridal Veil
Long White Bridal Veil. Courtesy of Brides

To showcase your hairstyle, choose a veil that fastens underneath your ‘do or one you’ll remove for the reception. Otherwise, you can opt for a veil that you’ll wear throughout the event. In this case, your hair will simply support the veil.

White Long Bridal Veil With Pearls
White Long Bridal Veil With Pearls. Courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

This striking long veil will fall effortlessly over your train. Your veil should not compete with your dress, so if you’re donning an elaborately embellished gown, keep your veil clean and simple. Also, any ornamentation on your veil should start below where your dress embellishments end.

Long Lace White Bridal Veil
Long Lace White Bridal Veil. Courtesy of Angrila

Your veil – like your gown – should remain consistent with the formality of your wedding. In other words, lose the cathedral-length veil if yours is a simple beach side ceremony.

Sweet White Long Bridal Veil
Sweet White Long Bridal Veil. Courtesy of Trends 8

When it comes to color and embellishments, veils should complement wedding dresses – not mimic them. Don’t obsess about finding a perfect match.

Cathedral Train Applique Edge Sequins One-Layer Wedding Veil
Cathedral Train Applique Edge Sequins One-Layer Wedding Veil. Courtesy of Ootddress

The blusher is a short, single layer veil worn over your face during the ceremony, then flipped back over the head or removed before “kiss the bride.” You can wear a blusher solo or with a longer veil.

White Tulle Long Bridal Veil
White Tulle Long Bridal Veil. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Think beyond white tulle or lace appliqués when choosing this classic big-day accessory.

Pearl Tulle Bow Bridal Veil
Pearl Tulle Bow Bridal Veil. Courtesy of Untamed Petals

The sweetest pearl tulle bow barrette – style in a pony, braid or on the side of your head. This sweet little bow is perfect for a veil alternative.

Simple Bridal Veil With Flowers
Simple Bridal Veil With Flowers. Courtesy of Tania Maras

Blushing blooms designed for romantic hairstyles seeking that little touch of feminine beauty. The just-picked-from-the-garden look feels effortless and romantic, like a posie of flowers in your hair.

Although many modern brides choose to forgo the veil entirely, a well selected choice can be the perfect finishing touch for your bridal gown. Consider these fabulous options before making your final choice.

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