20 Unique Chic Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

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Fall is a wonderful time to get married. Whether you want your autumn wedding to be very modern, most casual or even rustic one, you have an enormous selection of possibilities. If you opt for a rustic wedding, the following rustic fall wedding ideas on a budget will be a great option for you.

There are many persons who believe that in order for you to be able to have a wedding in an impressive way you require a big budget. Well, it is correct that with a large budget you can actually have an unforgettable wedding.

It may be true that having limited funds may cause many people to consider postponing their wedding. Actually, there are ways to save for those requiring low budget weddings that may keep you from needing to delay. You can truly have a wonderful dress, wedding reception and honeymoon for much less than a lot of people recognize.

Meanwhile, for a rustic themed fall wedding that you are planning to have, there are of course a lot of choices of wedding dresses, favors, decorations, and other essential things you need which are much affordable. Check out our wonderful rustic fall wedding ideas that you can get on a budget.

Affordable Rustic Fall Wedding Dresses Under $50

You should give some thoughts to find wedding attire that will be best suitable for the rustic location. There is a way to dress for a country setting that is still special enough for a wedding.

Fabrics such as linen and silk shantung are elegant enough for a wedding, nevertheless they have a rough texture that makes them well-matched to a rustic site.

For a budget bride, you may not feel worried to get your perfect rustic wedding dress. There are various dresses which are affordable enough. Have a look at the dresses below.

Rustic Fall Lace Wedding Dress With Short Sleeve And V-neckline
Rustic fall lace wedding dress with short sleeve and v-neckline. Get it from Amazon

This beautiful dress is made of nylon and featured with zipper closure. It is also bra friendly.  This dress cut is with a v-neckline, sheer lace sleeves and a full bodied skirt. The use of lace overlay with tulle underlay, fashions sheer crochet waistband and smooth scalloping is perfect to give for a romantic touch. It is available in some colors such as white, pink, red, purple, and grey. Price $25.99 – $46.89

Rustic Fall Short Sleeved Wedding Dress With Off The Shoulder
Rustic fall short sleeved wedding dress with off the shoulder. Get it from Amazon

This humble bridal dress is designed with off the shoulder and zipper closure. Accentuated with sheer lace sleeves with a full body skirt, it looks more romantic with tulle underlay and sheer crochet waistband. Beautify it with your heels and neckline for a perfect rustic style. Price $46.99

Rustic Fall Lace Wedding Dress With V-neckline
Rustic fall lace wedding dress with v-neckline. Available from Amazon

A beautiful knee length bridal dress with v-neckline. Featuring drawstring waist and hollow out lace insert, it looks pretty romantic. Price $35.99 – $40.99

Affordable Rustic Fall Wedding Cakes

What is the perfect way to make your rustic fall wedding reception even better? With a fantastic rustic wedding cake, certainly! Below are some of the most gorgeous rustic fall wedding cake ideas to inspire you.

Naked Forest Rustic Fall Wedding Cake
Naked forest rustic fall wedding cake. Get it from City Cakes

For the cake, you can try a fabulous new trend in weddings, the naked wedding cake. This natural looking option to the traditional heavily iced and decoratively covered with fondant cake you are used to seeing.

What is different is you can see the outer edge of the cake itself. The advantage to that is that you can notice the layers in between. The naked wedding cake has a naturally simple appearance to it.

Rustic Fall Brown Wedding Cupcakes
These rustic-themed wedding cupcakes feature a combination of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes which are topped with vanilla buttercream, seasonal herbs and dried edible flowers. Get them from Edith Patisserie

Cupcakes also make an easy substitute to the traditional wedding cake and are wonderful for the rustic themed wedding. You may not feel afraid to use plenty of chocolate frosting! The earthy brown tones go perfect with the theme, so you do not need to utilize all white icing for the rustic wedding!

Affordable Rustic Fall Wedding Cake Toppers

There are a number of wonderful cake toppers that would be perfect for your rustic fall wedding cake. Many of them are in low prices.

Mr and Mrs Rustic Cake Topper
Mr. and Mrs. rustic cake topper. Available from Amazon

This wedding cake topper is made from real wood with bark still on. Each one has its unique wood grain and look. They certainly raise a rustic and forest-like situation that will confidently amaze your guests.

Rustic We Do Wedding Cake Topper
Rustic We Do wedding cake topper. Available from Amazon

This decorative wedding cake topper features bride and groom figurines with lovely detail. It is made of food safe acrylic. This topper can be reused and hand washed. It comes with a cardboard packaging for all-out security.

Rustic Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas

Unique and playful invitations will help set the tone for your rustic wedding. Make the most of your only chance to make a first impression with the following affordable rustic fall wedding invitation ideas that no one will ever forget.

Rustic Fall Wedding Invitation On A Budget
A rustic fall personalized wedding invitation. Get it from Etsy

A gorgeous rustic laser cut wedding invitation. Beautifully personalized and made of pure quality, it would be a perfect choice for your fall wedding day.

Rustic Fall Laser Cut Wedding Invitation
Rustic fall laser cut wedding invitation. Get it from Amazon

Comes width classic design and retro inner sheets design. It comes with lace pattern for perfect elegance and delicacy. It will satisfy your imagination of the wonderful wedding. Price $1.38

Affordable Rustic Fall Wedding Favors

There are various rustic fall wedding favor ideas on a budget that you can choose. Have a look our selections below.

Fall Rustic Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders Wedding Favor
These delightful Adirondack chair place card holders will improve your rustic themed wedding. Dress up your table and invoke a rustic feeling with these place cards holders. Get it from Beau Coup

For your rustic fall wedding favor Adirondack chair place-card holders are so fabulous. They are made from wood-finish resin and would be perfect for complimenting your wedding. These laid back favors are sure to be a delight.

Rustic Rolling Pin Wedding Favor
This high quality silicon rolling pin is an exciting and considerable favor that will be equally valued as a keepsake gift and a must-have kitchen tool. Get it from My Italian Favors

For something a bit more fun, you can also try gifting your guests with rolling pin wedding favors that are the perfect fit in any kitchen.

Rustic Rattan Candle
Unique rustic rattan candle holders. Available from Alibaba

Love rustic chic? You can try out rattan candle wedding favors, which will look beautiful on your tables.

Rustic Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas To Bring Nature To Your Reception

By utilizing nature as your inspiration, you can make elegant rustic fall wedding decor that carries in all the splendor of the season.

Rustic Fall Orange Burnt Wedding Decor
Rustic fall orange burnt wedding decor. Courtesy of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Decorations for the wedding venue and the reception could contain a combination of rust, burnt orange, wine and bronze or one dominant color. Let’s say, you could use a rich bronze with splashes of orange, red and burgundy in your place settings, centerpieces and accessories.

Rustic Hay Bales Wedding Seating Decor
Rustic hay bales wedding seating decor. Courtesy of Bob Vila

When you are designing the decor for your rustic fall wedding, you can craft an aura reminiscent of the harvest season by utilizing available items from nature. For a truly casual and rustic wedding touch that would be great for an event held on a farm, you can try covering hay bales with fabric for seating.

Orange Paper Lanterns
Orange paper lanterns. Courtesy of Paper Lantern Store

Orange paper lanterns all through the wedding reception can provide a nice glow in the evening whether you are going to have the wedding indoors or outdoors.

Dried Corn Decor
Dried corn decor. Courtesy of Vulcan Termite

For the actual ceremony decorations, you can also attach some grapevines, wheat and dried corn to the chairs and bridal arch.

Affordable Rustic Fall Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

There are some flowers you can find easily in the fall. They are mums, chrysanthemums, and daisies. Mums and chrysanthemums are usually in bright colors like golden orange, crimson, and a smooth golden brown.

Rustic Fall Wedding Bouquet
A wonderful alternative to real flower that will last forever. These artificial wedding flowers are designed using a combination of fabric satin with pearls in the center. Combines burlap, cotton fabric bouquet, shimmering rhinestones with classic pearls. Perfect for rustic autumn wedding decor. Available from Amazon

You can add wheat stalks, cornstalks and sunflowers to integrate a harvest atmosphere into large displays for the end of the aisle and the entrances into the reception area.

Rustic Artificial Wedding Bouquet
These flowers are artificial silk white roses and real baby’s breath. They are a perfect match for rustic wedding theme. Furthermore, they can be used in all weather conditions. Available from Amazon

In place of the flower girl basket being filled with rose petals, you can opt for silk leaves in the colors of fall. You can even obtain ones which are personalized with your names to utilize as part of your rustic fall wedding table decor.

DIY Rustic Fall Wedding Centerpieces

If you want to do DIY rustic fall centerpieces, you can collect some items for example wood, pine cones, grain stalks, bare birch branches, wonderful leaves, dried grasses, small gourds and fruit. You can choose fruits such as apples, pears, and cranberries, and citrus. These things can be incorporated in so many different ways and all so gorgeous for your tables.

Rustic Mason Jars With Flowers
Rustic farmhouse style mason jars with flowers. Available from Amazon

Mason jars make a great container. You can fill them with wildflowers, sunflowers, daisies or daffodils. And around the top of the jar, you can tie twine or burlap with a little bow.

Blue Crystal Frosted Mason Jar With Candle
Blue crystal frosted mason jar with candle. Get it from Amazon

You can also make great candle holders with mason jars. You can put some sand or decorative small rocks in the jar as a good way to handle the candle. Mason jars are made to endure heat so as to the candle burning should be just fine.

Other ideas:

  • You can take stalks of dried wheat or lavender. Then, just tie a ribbon in theme colors firmly around them and set them up in the middle of the table. To make them more beautiful, you can throw pine-cones, berries or whatever you think looks good around the stalks.
  • You can create a wreath of burlap to position around a large candle holder or hurricane vase. You can find the Styrofoam wreaths at craft stores, or possibly hobby or art supply shops.
  • Bare-birch branches organized in terracotta pots and protected with Quik-crete will be a dramatic idea and then hang LED votive from the naked branches.
  • An arrangement of stunning and vibrant fruits and vegetables that are nonperishable in a rustic basket or cornucopia is another delightful rustic fall table centerpiece idea.
  • If you are able to obtain striking large pine cones, pots or round tins or small pails. After that, you can place Spanish moss in them and put the pine cone in the center in a standing position. Throw any choice of rustic things around the container.

Tips for Planning Wedding on a Budget

To plan a memorable wedding on a budget, all you need to do is begin planning early in order to avoid quick decisions. You can make a detailed budget checklist that will assist you handle all the expenses in an organized and prepared manner. Here are a few tips you can do.

  • Making a wedding budget checklist to help you keep a track of your expenses and you do not end up purchasing overpriced stuffs.
  • Consider the number of guests you invite.
  • Hiring a wedding planner to take the entire stress of wedding planning and plan everything within your budget.
  • Keeping all your arrangements simple.
  • Inviting near friends and family members only.
  • Having a non-food wedding reception by providing entertainment and perhaps snacks at your reception in place of a fully catered sit down meal.
  • Doing a family cook off by gathering together numerous family members who enjoy cooking, and ask them to create easy casseroles and numerous other foods for your wedding reception.
  • Having a picnic or barbecue style wedding reception. This can be done at a local park or in someone’s back yard to save the expense of renting a reception hall.
  • In place of hiring a live band for your reception you can consider creating your own special song mix to have playing on CDs throughout your reception.

Having a rustic fall wedding on a budget can be fun and memorable as long as we know where and how to save money. By approaching each part of the wedding with a few unique rustic fall wedding ideas on a budget we shared above you will not have the slightest problem.

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