20+ Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Fall in Love with

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We will need the participation of many people to succeed our wedding day. Their assistance is importantly required for the smoothness of our wedding. Those can be our nearest family members such as our sisters, cousins or nieces.

Several persons that we must really be thankful for their assistance in our wedding ceremony are the bridesmaids. They are the persons who always accompany us during our wedding. We can really be grateful for them by providing them the perfect bridesmaid dresses that will make them look beautiful and elegant to go with us.

A very vital thing to bear in mind when you are choosing your bridesmaid dresses is that the dress must go cordially with your wedding dresses. The chosen dresses should also go with with the universal theme chosen for the wedding decoration.

By giving the dresses that please the taste and preference of our bridesmaids, they can be made comfortable on the occasion. And certainly, they must also feel relaxed in dressing up the dresses. Bridesmaid dresses has various choice of colors. Blue, red, black, green and white bridesmaid dresses are among the popular ones.

Eggplant Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

You brides to be assuredly cry for elegant, dainty, chic, fashionable loveliness. So do your bridesmaids! For a tasteful glamour on your bridal party’s look, go for eggplant colored bridesmaid dresses without hesitant. This trend will return you a esthetic but understated style statement meanwhile delivering that jubilant solemnity.

A sexy eggplant colored knee length bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Morilee
Eggplant Colored Bridesmaid Dresses
Elegant eggplant colored long bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of Etsy

Navy Blue Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

When planning a fall or winter wedding, it may seem like all of the suggestions are for purple or red dresses, but those are far from the only options. Navy blue is one of the most pleasing and handy colors for bridesmaid dresses, and it is always in panache. These are several ideas for navy blue chiffon bridesmaid dresses for fall and winter weddings.

Chiffon Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon navy blue bridesmaid dresses with straps. Courtesy of Princess Bride
Navy Blue Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses
Navy blue chiffon a-line bridesmaid dress with v-neckline. Courtesy of DHgate

Teal Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Like them or not, teal green bridesmaid dresses pop out on the current fashion outfit stage and well cater to most modern girls’ aesthetic gratitude. Brilliant designers understand the natural prettiness and unfussy stylishness on this color and then do well in expressing rich fashion perception by numerous light and dark green bridesmaid gowns, without spoiling style.

Teal Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Teal green long bridesmaid dresses with off the shoulder. Courtesy of Dress for the Wedding
Teal Green Bridesmaid Dresses
A sexy teal green bridesmaid dress with v-neckline. Courtesy of David’s Bridal

Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for a fun and cheerful bridesmaid dress designs for your wedding? How about choosing the polka dot bridesmaid dresses? This fun pattern can be used in many different ways to give your bridesmaid’s dresses an upbeat and lighthearted feeling.

Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses
Short polka dot sleeveless bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of One Wed
Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dress
A strapless polka dot bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Taxo

Light Pink Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Light pink somehow seems to show up at weddings in one form or another. Whether it is simply a splash of light pink on the invitations, in the centerpieces or a parade of light pink bridesmaid dresses, somehow the color light pink is a mainstay for weddings.

Think light pink and your mind is automatically taken into a world of romance. Incorporating light pink into your wedding is a great idea whether your overall theme is light pink or you just want to add a touch of it here and there. These light pink short bridesmaid dresses are awesome.

Light Pink Short Bridesmaid Dresses
Wonderful light pink long bridesmaid dresses with straps. Courtesy of I Take You
Light Pink Short Bridesmaid Dress
A sexy light pink bridesmaid dress with deep v-neckline. Courtesy of David’s Bridal

One Strap Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you ready to get a little flirty with your bridesmaid’s look? If so, add some one strap bridesmaid dresses to your wardrobe for the spring and summer wedding.

These dresses are a good option for any bridesmaid’s age range, appealing to youthful sophisticated women and to those who are a bit more experienced who want a modern look.

The key is to check out all of the options in shoulder dresses from wedding designers this season, since you will want to have a few go to options in your wardrobe.

One Strap Bridesmaid Dresses
One strap red bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of That Special Day Bridal
One Strap Bridesmaid Dress
One strap long bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Taxo

Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple shades, ranging from lilac or lavender to dark purple like plum or eggplant, are deliberated as a hip color choice for bridesmaid dresses all the while.

Time changes everything but purple bridesmaid dresses seem never set back on the cutting fashion edge to lead the fashion way. The following purple chiffon bridesmaid dresses are pretty stunning.

Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses
Elegant chiffon purple long bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of Ali Express


Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
A chiffon purple short bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Landress

Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Yellow reminds us all of bright and lovely things. Thus, naturally it is one color that should be worn at weddings as a wedding is a bright and gay affair. Hence, what better color for a happy, contented bridesmaid waiting to realize the bride start her new life? Check out the following mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses for your inspiration.

Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses
Mustard yellow satin bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of Dress for the Wedding
Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dress
A mustard yellow long backless bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Brides

Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to complement her. Dressing them in petty dresses not only makes the wedding look glam, it also makes them contented and the wedding has a good mood. Bridesmaid dresses and accessories are becoming progressively stylish and fashionable.

They frequently comprise the easy to wear, sassy and simple dresses. Widespread styles include tea-length, full-length, one shouldered or strapless. A tea-length dress is a favored style for those that wish to wear the dress again.

Choosing the bridesmaid dress can be just as difficult as choosing the bridal gown. For chic bridesmaid’s look, these bohemian bridesmaid dresses are perfect.

Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses
Bohemian long bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of Deep Pear Flowers
Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress
A sexy bohemian bridesmaid dress with v-neckline. Courtesy of U Buy

Long Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

No big wedding is ever complete without followers. There are some of these occasions wherein there is the liking of having every member of the group to wear the same color to match the motif of the occasion.

Long Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Elegant long royal blue strapless bridesmaid dresses. Courtesy of The Knot
Long Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress
Long royal blue sleeveless bridesmaid dress. Courtesy of DHgate

The most common choice is often royal blue bridesmaid dresses. Royal blue is one color that is guaranteed to turn heads at a wedding. Generally people opt for safe colors like pink, lilac etc. for a wedding.

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