Easy Cheap Low Cost DIY Wedding Centerpieces You Can Make At Home

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There are several things of your wedding where you can save money by making them yourself. In addition to the well liked home-produced wedding favors that many brides are choosing nowadays, wedding centerpieces can also be made at home by yourself. It might sound challenging, however not all centerpieces are difficult to create. There are various interesting items you can use to make cheap low cost DIY wedding centerpieces.

Wedding centerpieces have become a traditional element of decorating a wedding. They can be anything that goes harmoniously to the theme of the event. If you wish to make your own centerpieces, ensure to give thought to your wedding theme. Also, they have got to fits the color as well as the feel of your occasion.

There are lots of beautiful wedding centerpiece ideas which are easy as pie to make yourself. With all the money you save, you can spend on something with everlasting value such as your wedding jewelry.

Easy Cheap Low Cost DIY Wedding Centerpieces
A DIY wedding centerpiece with eucalyptus garland, candles, and roses . Available on Amazon

Easy Cheap Low Cost DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

More time is used up celebrating at the reception, rather than in the actual ceremony. Why not let your table décor be a focal point for permitting everybody notice just how special and unique your wedding is. The following ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces will give all the inspiration you require to begin.

Glass Containers

Inexpensive glass containers which are filled with interesting items such as dried beans or peas, candy corn, peppermints, jellybeans, gummy candies, or gum balls are jovial and easy to make. Other nice ideas for filling your containers can be sand and seashells or even live fish.

Glass Containers For Centerpieces
Clear glass vase for centerpiece. Available on Amazon

Based on what you fill the containers with, you can spread greenery whether it is real or artificial, glitter, polished rocks, artificial jewels, or even votive candles around the outside of the glass containers.

Edible Wedding Centerpieces

These are the kind that comes in almost all forms that you can fancy. They may consist of candies, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines, and a lot more. When done gorgeously, you can create a pleasant focal point of attraction that can start a chat at your wedding reception.

Edible Wedding Centerpiece with Fruits and Flowers
Edible wedding centerpiece with fruits and flowers. Photo by Brides

You can really make cheap edible centerpieces such as lifelike candy flowers of almost every kind. You can use your imagination to add some extraordinary accents to the rest of candy flowers for additional enhancement. Another nice idea is hand-sculptured white sugar gardenias which are not difficult to make as well.

If you do not want to present candies or they are not your type and you prefer to present chocolate, you may consider a chocolate fountain as your buffet centerpiece. You may give your guests with strawberries. They will also be sitting around the fountain or perhaps bread sticks if you like. A chocolate fountain can function as dessert for the guests too.

Going Green

Greeneries are fresh and beautiful. You can use wicker or grass baskets and fill them with fruits, fresh flowers, gourds and pumpkins or autumn leaves. They are pretty. Moreover, they are easy to make and certainly do not cost a lot.

Woven Seagrass Plant Basket
Woven sea grass plant basket. Available on Amazon

Another fun and low cost DIY centerpiece idea for spring and summer weddings is to line the baskets with plastic and then you can fill with soil, plant grass or flower seeds or both.

Going green could also be understood as showing ‘useful’ centerpieces. These may include the form of veggie and dip towers, crystal cake stands which are filled with pastries or wedding cake or fruit baskets. All of them are planned to be enjoyed during the reception.

Homemade Cookies

These can also make delightful wedding centerpieces. Cookies are cheap to make at home. You can be very creative and imaginative on these ideas. If you are good at baking, it is a benefit on your part since you cannot just produce your personal centerpieces with your own touch, moreover you can also save a sum and spend it for other more essential items.

DIY Cookies
DIY cookies. Photo by Sally’s Baking Addiction

On the cookies, you might wish for considering adding your monograms or some other charms that you desire. One easy way to beautify cookies is adding frosting on the top of the cookies.

Homemade cupcakes are also a wonderful choice you may think about. Bake your little cupcakes and assemble them on a layered holder that appears they are a real wedding cake when noticed from afar.

Candles, Glass and Tulle

You can fill the tables with swirling tulle in white, champagne or another soft color that goes harmoniously with your color scheme. You can add glass bowls or mirrors on which you fill with candles of various sizes and heights.

The candlelight, tiny and clear Christmas lights around the edge of the reception hall are all the light you will necessitate.

Artificial Butterflies

A gorgeous DIY centerpiece for a garden themed wedding would be a butterfly bouquet. You can take a cute enamel watering can in your selected color to utilize as the vessel. Then you can utilize a number of butterflies on long stems to line together into a unique and vibrant centerpiece.

Artificial Butterflies for Floral Decorations
Artificial butterflies for floral decorations. Available on Amazon

Of course, you will not make use of real butterflies, but rather ones you can make from beautiful paper, fabric, or feathers. They present a colorful and delightful substitute to a floral table arrangement. Furthermore, they are easy to arrange yourself.

One of the best advantage of using non-floral elements for DIY centerpieces is that you can arrange them together a long time before the wedding.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits can make an arresting wedding centerpiece. One of the simplest and easiest DIY table decorations on a budget you can create is to fill a tall clear vessel with sliced lemons and limes. Then, pack them firmly around the sides so that the round slices are pressed against the edges of the vessel for creating a wonderful graphic design.

2 Tier Fruit Basket
Two tier basket for fresh fruits and vegetables. Available on Amazon

The citrus fruit is effective to add color and a summery atmosphere to the wedding. For a more modern result, you can use a clear tall cylinder or select a footed urn if the wedding style for more romantic result. A lemon or lime flavored signature drink would be the perfect supplement to these centerpieces.


Beach theme centerpieces always go pleasantly with summer weddings. They are inexpensive and easy to make for the DIY bride. The idea is filling tall clear vases with a variety of seashells and surrounding them with low votive candles.

Scented Seashell Potpourri
Scented seashell potpourri. Available on Amazon

Or you can choose a modern beach style by putting red faux coral into clear Lucite boxes and stacking them up. They will make very outstanding centerpieces for your wedding reception and they are a breeze to arrange.


Obviously flowers are always well-liked for wedding decorations. There are plenty of designs which do not need any good experience to make them. If you desire to attempt your hand at DIY centerpieces but are not self-assured in your flower arranging abilities you can collect a collection of beautiful potted plants.

Plant Basket for Decor
Plant basket for decor. Available on Amazon

For an Americana wedding, bright red geraniums would look fanciful to arrange in white wicker baskets. Best of all, after your wedding day is over, you can plant the cheerful flowers outside your new home.

Do-it-yourself wedding ideas are practical and smart options to save money on your wedding supplies. There are many ideas that you can find out from Internet. It can aid you make of any kind you want to make.

You can also shop online for DIY kits and other materials you will require in making your own wedding centerpieces. If you make up your mind to indulge in DIY wedding crafts, you just have to be creative and love what you are doing.

Most of all, get started as early as possible and well consider your budget. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and have fun and make the day something you will remember with nothing but happy memories. Well, we hope the cheap low cost DIY wedding centerpieces mentioned above helpful and useful for you.

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