How to Have Low Cost Small Backyard Wedding Reception

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Decorating your backyard wedding reception can be very expensive if you hire a professional to do the job. The best way to keep expenses low is to do a DIY project. You can ask the help of a friend or cousin with a creative flair. Another way to save on your backyard wedding decorations is to use affordable alternative materials or things available in your backyard. There are surely low cost small backyard wedding reception ideas you can have.

Low Cost Small Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

The bulk of the wedding budget frequently goes to the expenses at the backyard wedding reception. But if the budget is tight and the couple did not wish to begin their marriage with a tremendous debt, the party after the accomplishment of the marriage ritual must be planned economically.

Small Backyard Wedding Reception With White Chairs
The placement of a few chairs for a small backyard wedding was sufficient because only a few guests were present. Image credit of Fierce Productions

Low Cost Small Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

The good news is that it is likely to own a first-class reception within a reasonable budget. In fact, there are only three major things to focus on. These are location, menu, and decorations.

Simple Small Backyard Wedding Decoration Idea
The selection of items for decoration can be chosen as simple. With good placement, even simple decorations can look very attractive. Image of Greenvelope

In choosing the location for the backyard wedding reception, there are two essential factors to contemplate. These are the number of guests and the weather.

Considering the number of guests is clear, you just don’t want the guests to feel stifling since there are too many persons inside a small room.

Simple Small Backyard Wedding Gate Idea
As long as we are creative, we can make unique decorations for the wedding gate. A few candles arranged neatly are enough to decorate the wedding gate. Most importantly we do not have to spend a lot of money. Image credit of Elegant Wedding Invites

At the same time, you want your guests to socialize with each other without needing to walk half a mile to get to another person.

The wedding reception will not be comprehensive without food but the twosome should not feel indebted to serve gourmet fare or three-course meals. There is also no need to hire a chef since there are several options available.

Simple Small Backyard Wedding Table Reception
For the idea of making a cost-effective reception table, we can place several tables with several chairs for each table. Rich chairs and wooden tables covered with white tablecloths look so elegant. For centerpieces, we can place a vase filled with plants and flowers. Image credit of Jurnal Doc

One great tip for saving money on your reception is minimizing food costs. To do this, only offer one menu selection at a family-style reception.

People will serve themselves from large platters and since they can eat as much as they want, it’s unlikely that they’ll need two different protein selections. ¬†Avoiding a plated dinner also saves you the task of creating placed cards!

If the reception is held in a restaurant, then the food can be selected from that restaurant. This option, admittedly, is not the least expensive. If the reception is at a park, a home, or a clubhouse, a local company can cater the reception.

Simple Bottle Small Backyard Wedding Centerpiece Idea
Glass vases or bottles are the easiest and cheapest items we can use to make centerpieces. We can put flowers in them. We can wrap the bottles and vases with lace or burlap to make them look unique and attractive. Image credit of The Pioneer Woman

The most affordable option, though, is to have someone, such as mother, sister, friend, or relative, take care of the menu.

If the twosome needs to choose the menu, the main object to focus on is the central food, which can be pasta or chicken. The rest can be hors d’ oeuvres.

Decorating for the reception doesn’t have to be really expensive. Try going to your local dollar store and you can often find really cheap decorations this way.

Making a low cost small backyard wedding reception work is really easy to do if you know where to look and what to buy in order to pull it off. Planning a low cost wedding doesn’t have to be rocket science if you know how to shop around to find the cheapest possible price.

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