12 Simple Items to Make Elegant Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations

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Having a backyard wedding theme can be very enjoyable. You can really use your creativeness and imagination when planning your backyard wedding.  Furthermore, you do not have to use up a lot of money for your backyard wedding decoration. If you surely want to use your creative ideas, you can really make decorative items by yourself. There are various interesting and easy low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations that you can surely make.

The laid-back way to adorn your backyard is to utilize things you already own in your backyard. Based on the season of the planned wedding, preparing or cultivating the plants and foliage that will be in bloom at the time of the event will be very helpful.

It is a smart idea or way to consider planting flowers and plants early in the planning stages of the event. By so doing, they will be established in time for the backyard wedding. These actions will surely minimize your budget.

Simple Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations
Unique and simple backyard wedding decoration. Image credit of Country Living

Easy and Creative Low Budget DIY Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

Backyard weddings do not have to be tasteless or carelessly decorated. You can use simple items such as paper poofs, ribbon, jar lights and bowls to embellish the backyard for the wedding. Below are some simple and easily found items for DIY backyard wedding decor ideas on a budget that you can surely do yourself for your big day.

Paper Poof Wedding Decor
Colorful paper poofs. Available on Amazon

01. Paper Poofs

Paper poofs are really easy to make however they can add a lot of fun and color to the decor. They can be used in various different ways. All you need is a lot of tissue paper in the colors that you wish for your wedding, several scissors, fishing line or wire, and then ribbon.

Firstly, take the tissue paper and then fold in up long ways like an accordion. Wrap the wire around the middle of the stack of tissue paper and after that cut the ends of the tissue paper into a point or rounded corners.

Open up the tissue paper to expand in a circle and then lightly keep separating the layers until you have poof, which looks like a big ball or a cute flower. Take your ribbon and secure it in place. The paper poofs can be strung on a long line. Then you can hung them from the ceiling.

Mason Jar Lights
Mason jar light decoration. Available on Amazon

02. Jar Lights

If you are having a backyard wedding, you can really make your own decorations so that they not only add to your style but also serve a function. The jar lights are tremendously easy to make. What becomes the amusing thing is that you do not have to be afraid of lighting candles or imagining the candles burn out.

The first thing that you have to do is purchase a number of clear mason jars. The next step is putting in small white strung lights into the jar. White Christmas lights work harmoniously for these decorations and you can get them on sale and for very cheap after the holidays.

Then, you can run the line out of the jars and plug them in. These jars work pretty well for lighting paths plus you can hang them from a tree for extra additional light outdoors. If you desired to become really imaginative you can also paint the glass jars or place other interesting items in the jar for instance glitter.

Clear Glass Bowl
Clear glass with plants. Available on Amazon

03. Glass Bowls

If you are planning to have your wedding in spring, you can use simple rectangular or square glass bowls or utilize any related container with a color that matches well with fresh green and after that you can fill them with soil from a garden-store and sow wheat grass or something alike.

Once it has grown up, you will own a delightful base for any sort of spring backyard decoration: single flowers in sunny colors, eggs, little toy animals. The possibilities are unending.

Branches for Decor
Creative decorating with branches. Image of credit of HGTV

04. Branches

For an oriental style of backyard wedding decoration, you can spray-paint plain branches in white or bright red. Then, fold some origami birds and add.

You can complete with similar paper lanterns and make use of the wedding favors such as chop sticks, fans, Chinese style little money pouches, and more as part of the decoration.

Another creative idea for oriental or Asian themed backyard weddings might use a bonsai tree or a large origami creation at the center of each wedding reception table.

Sea Shells Decor
Beautiful decoration with sea shells, plants, and candle. Available on Amazon

05. Sea Shells

You can surely bring a beach themed wedding to your backyard. For this wonderful beach wedding decoration, you can use clear glass bowls.

What you have to do is filling them with sand or pebbles and add sea shells from a dollar store and lastly add a big pillar candle as a center.

You can also compliment with smaller candles in clear glass candle holders. You can get very low-priced ones at Amazon or at dollar stores.

Artificial Pumpkins for Decoration
Artificial bright leaves and pumpkins. Available on Amazon

06. Pumpkins

If you are planning to have your wedding in autumn, you can use what nature has to offer. You can really make low budget DIY decorations for your backyard wedding by using pumpkins in different sizes, sunflowers, leaves in bright colors you can find them around you.

However, you can use artificial ones if you do not feel like looking for them through the woods the day before your wedding.

Silk Leaves Altar Decor
Silk leaves decor for altar. Available on Amazon

07. Silk Leaves

Another cheap DIY backyard wedding decoration idea is using either silk leaves or conserved real leaves such as brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges.

You can hang long strings of leaves behind the ceremony altar for a stunning background for the bride and groom.

Wedding Decor with Leaves
Use real leaves to decorate chairs. Image credit of Martha Stewart

08. Real Leaves

You can truly make use of real leaves right on their branches for the table decorations. Suspend small lanterns with tea lights from the branches for an enchanted result. Spread leaves are an easy but nice addition to any fall wedding, with completely no creative knowledge needed.

They can line the edges of the corridor for the ceremony. Keep in mind not to put them in the center of the track for fear that they are slippery. They can be spread on a guest book or cake table. They can even be utilized instead of standard place cards at the dinner tables.

Pinecones for Wedding Decor
Decorative pinecones. Available from Amazon

09. Pinecones

Pinecones come with a great late fall touch. You can make an excellent DIY backyard decoration for a wedding to have around Thanksgiving with them.

The steps are taking real pinecones and spraying paint them with a touch of a soft gold color. Suspend them from regular sewing thread such as in a bronze or gold color. After that you can hang them from white birch branches. They will be a modern centerpiece design with an autumnal flavor. Lastly, you can surround the vases with votive candles in ruby red glass holders to bring a pop of color to the design.

Candle Wedding Decor
Candles for backyard wedding decor. Image credit of Parade

10. Candles

Another easy and low budget decoration idea for your backyard is using candles. You may consider taking candle arrangements as a substitute to floral centerpieces. Candles are easy to create an appearance of amorousness and charm. They look amazing on outdoor reception table in the evening.

You can purchase candelabras at the local discount store. Then you can use one per table with simple white candles. To have a less formal centerpiece, you are able to float a number of candles in a round water-filled crystal bowl.

For generating nice effect, you can sprinkle rose petals in the water and also on the table around the bottom of the bowl. Something as simple as a pillar candle which is surrounded by aromatic tea-lights at the center of the table will work flawlessly for just pennies on the dollar.

Fruits for Wedding Centerpieces
Tasty and beautiful wedding centerpieces with fruits.

11. Edible Centerpieces

Consider using edible DIY wedding centerpieces. Your guests will certainly love a centerpiece that they can snack on. You can create fresh fruit arrangements or a miniature wedding candy bar display. To make them more stunning you can add chocolate lollipops or Hershey’s kisses ornamented in glitter, streamers or balloons.

Photograph Wedding Decor
Photograph wedding decoration. Image credit of Elegant Wedding Invites

12. Love Poems

Another simple but creative decoration idea is creating personal centerpieces that focus on the bride and groom. You can make hand-written items for instance love poems or stories of the pre-wedding romance which are complemented by photographs of the happy couple in unique picture frames. This idea will not only amuse family and friends as they sit and chat at the table but on a budget idea as well.

What we mentioned above are some very simple and easy low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations that can really make a difference when it comes to your big day’s backyard décor. There are certainly other inexpensive and creative DIY decoration ideas you can make for your backyard wedding decoration from centerpieces to wedding arches. You just need to be willing to spend some time to make these items. By so doing you can really save money and have a unique wedding decoration that matches your taste and even personality.

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