Glossy Red Car Bow For Unique Wedding Car Decoration

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Glossy Red Car Bow Wedding Car Decor

This glossy red car bow will be a unique decoration for your wedding car. It will beautify your wedding car so that it will have a classic look.

You can actually use this car bow for many occasions. It is not only best suitable for decorating a car for wedding day, this car bow is also suitable for Christmas presents.

What this glossy red car bow for?

It is also very beautiful to use as an ornament for newly bought house. It will make a grand gift decor as well. It is also very appropriate for other celebrated occasions such as Mother’s Day, new houses party, graduations, birthdays, and surprise party.

Grand Gift Bow

This glossy red car bow is from polypropylene material. It is waterproof and durable. Hence, it is very suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. This car bow will shine under the sun that will feature an ambiance of rejoicing and celebration.

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This car bow consists of 15 pieces of petals. Each piece is connected by a plastic ring. You will see that the ribbon is long enough to present a decorative effect. The large bow and decorative ribbon will never fail to catch people’s eyes. It will surely make your car or gifts have a more attractive appearance.

You will find it very easy to install. It is very convenient for you to assemble it. What you have to do is only pulling the thin inner ribbon plastic tabs and then paste it on the spot you wish to add luster. Furthermore, you can roll it back up and store for the next use.

What you get when you buy it? The package comes with 1-piece car bow with car ribbon and with bow diameter of 2 sizes to choose. They are 50 cm (20 inches) and 62.5 cm (25 inches). Meanwhile, the ribbon is approximately 6 m or 20 feet in length. No wonder if it is big enough for your decoration.

Where to buy this glossy red car bow? If you are interested in buying it, you can visit Amazon to know the price and details. This car bow is also available in other colors such as blue, glossy purple, glossy rosy, glossy silver, gold, matt pink, and also white.

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