Having a memorable wedding day doesn’t mean that everything must be expensive. With cheap wedding favors, you can make your big day really unforgettable moment.

Spring is a wonderful time to get married. There are some ideas for spring wedding favors. You can create floral spring wedding favors, edible favors or garden wedding favors.

There are some nice ideas for winter wedding favors to choose from. Those are based on the season such as snowflake card holder, candle holders and others.

Summer is a great time for holding a wedding. To complete it there are some nice summer wedding favors to choose such as mini lanterns, photo frames and a small glass sailboat.

Fall is a great time to have a wedding since it is rich of colors. To complete your fall themed wedding, there are lots of ideas for your fall wedding favors which are based on fall wedding colors.

Beach is a great place to hold a wedding. Your beach themed weddings will be more perfect by giving beach wedding favors that are functional or useful and of course memorable.

For the brides and grooms who want to save money, inexpensive wedding favors can be an option. There are many inexpensive wedding favors but unique and interesting.

Making your wedding favors stand out with a personalized touch will catch your guests eye and make them feel appreciated. The whole idea of personalizing wedding favors is to give your guests something to remember your wedding by.