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If you want to have a funny wedding decoration look, you’d better consider having funny wedding decoration with balloons. With various colors of balloons, they look great.

If you’re tired of a nice but ordinary round cake, you can try these beautiful and chic square wedding cake ideas. They look lovely in the party photos, just drop down and you will believe!

There are actually many choices of flowers for summer wedding. However, here are 12 of the hottest summer wedding flowers for your inspiration.

To seek out the correct wedding hand bouquet, the brides more often than not just select it which is based on its color and their individual tastes. Here are a number of tips to facilitate you finding the exact wedding hand bouquet.

Summer is a great season when many flowers are blooming. Summer season comes with an abundance of striking flowers to select from when opting for your wedding flowers. Ideas for summer wedding flowers would be more various as well.

Summer is a great season for having weddings. It offers you lots of beautiful varieties of flowers. You will not be lack of ideas for summer wedding flowers.

And of course, the wedding dress must go pleasantly with the hand wedding bouquet of the brides. Hand wedding bouquets consist of three basic shapes such as cascade, round and hand-tied.

For a bride having a short hairstyle, they do not have to be worried if wanting to wear a veil for their special day. There are some ways to get the best look for wedding veils with short hairstyles.

Wedding veil comes in many choices of styles. One of them is the birdcage wedding veil. The birdcage wedding veil is regarded as among the few things which could symbolize entire stylishness and grace among women. Birdcage wedding veils will really make you look classic.